Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Latest Windows 10 Bugs And their Fixes

windows 10 bugs and their fixes

Bugs and Fixes for your Windows 10!
For all those who have had a glimpse of Windows 10 on your devices, you must be wondering where the smoothness of a Windows OS vanished. Well, all devices and upgrades seem to be on the go and are still unveiled; Windows 10 is no less. However, that doesn’t mean that it has been a bad choice for all. Many have managed to have Windows 10 without any kind of issues.
For those who faced problems, here are ways to sorting the common ones!
Battery life:
This has been a concern for all, every time there is a new update. However, for the Windows 10 this seems to be not a minor, but a major issue. For battery issues you need to check for firmware or drive fixes to optimize the hardware that works in proper sync with Windows 10.
Hence, if you have been noticing a sudden fall of charge on your devices, you need to have a run through of your hardware with the manufacturer! Having done that, your battery life will at least not depreciate if not conserved.
Default apps:
All the pre-set apps on your device seem to have got lost with the upgrade. Now all the changes and customizations you made are gone! For example opening an image means visiting a Windows application rather than something which will be beneficial.
It is irritating undoubtedly, but can be easily fixed.  Here is how:
·         Go to the settings option and click on System.
·         Next you can to go to the default apps option.
You can simply right click on a file and start with the ‘open with’ for the first time, followed by selecting ‘always use this app’ option.
Wrecked software:
Despite being tested for quite a long time, there are a number of bugs which cause hurdles in working of applications, mainly the old ones. In case you have been facing the same problem, you need to look up for program updates until a fix is finally out.
Rebooting while update:
With the update completions comes a cycle of reboot for the devices. Due to some errors, it doesn’t seem to work. *Microsoft seems to have overlooked minor issues.*
If you are a pro at hacking, then you can probably fix the bug, while for the others it has to be a long wait until a fix rolls out.
Other Issues:
There are so many devices, each with hardware and software of its kind. Troubleshooting advices for each and every problem is impossible. A probable solution to the so many issues could be un-installation followed by re-installation of the application to help the upgrade function better. Updates for Windows 10 are coming quite frequently; it is only time to wait for the right kind of update to help you fix your problem.
Also, you can as well reinstate your device o its very original form. All you need is go to update and security, and choose reset this PC. All of this, you need to do within one month of updating your device!