Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Xiaomi Trolled Samsung By Giving Tough Competition

Xiaome trolls samsung

Xiaomi seems to be on the go with its new launch. It planned to release two of its phablets on the same day as Samsung is to disclose the updates for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 edge devices; the event for the latter to take place in New York and London. So there has come a lot in the month of August itself!

Xiaomi has talked of its two Note devices; namely the Redmi Note 2 which is priced at $125 and Redmi Note 2 prime which has been priced at $155. Having said that, Samsung might have to think about its further device prices as Xiaomi might very much extend its coverage to Us as well (pretty much hinted by VP of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra), if not now, may be in a year or two.

Expanding their bases should of course be their priority on the to-do lsit for gaining customers and adding up to their sales. However, as for current statistics, Xiaomi is giving a good competition to Samsung in China’s mobile market as the latter seems to be losing its earlier hold over there. Xiaomi has been stated as the third largest Smartphone maker; of course after Apple and Samsung.

Having said so much about the phone, let us have a look at the features.

The Redmi Note 2 is a 2.0GHz MediaTek (MTK) Helio X10 processor, with a 16GB of internal storage and a decent 2GB RAM. The Redmi Note 2 Prime on the other hand has a 2.2GHz chip, with a whooping 32GB of storage and 2GB RAM. Both have an HD display of 5.5-inch with a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front shooter. With pace for a microSD, they have a 3600 mAh battery.

The Smartphones will come in a variety of pastel shades, including the classic  black and white!

Xiaomi seems to have set its eyes on features which users wish to have, rather than giving them what they feel is good.

Also, there has been news on the new MIUI update that Xiaomi has got for the Android skin- to be officially available after the 19th of August globally! It has been said that the update is going to incorporate an improved level of performance, battery saving techniques and also options to personalize the phones with ‘colorful themes.’

Also, in a final announcement, Xiaomi has launched its PCS router, to be known asMi Wi-Fi nano, and is priced at roughly$12. The company has a number of products to itself, which includes air purifiers, smart TV’s, Wearable gadgets and a lot more!

It hasn’t reached up to a Samsung or Apple range of products, but it is on its way to achieve set goals and targets as a growing and an emerging Smartphone Company!