Monday, 12 October 2015

WhatsApp Web for iPhone

Until now Whatsapp web has been restricted to smartphone users only. However, WhatsApp has finally decided to come up with a version of its web which supports iPhones as well. yes, you heard it right, after 8 months of the first launch, WhatsApp web will now readily work on Safari on your MAC.

The procedure to make it work remains the same as earlier. However, for those who do not know, here is how to use it.

Go to the WhatsApp web website and scan the code you see on your desktops via the mobile app.  *Remember that the features are yet to be completely rolled out. The availability is happening in phases and hence it will take time* Follow the general steps for use on your device, and you will be all set.

Off late, there has been quite a number of new features added to iPhone. Some of these include the option to mute chats, individually too, mark a conversation as read or unread manually, backing up videos now turned easier and, of course, sharing the location. Along with the above said features, an option to auto-load the previous messages was as well added.  Not to forget the better voice over support!

WhatsApp for The web is no longer restricted to just Android phones but has been made available for Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia S60 and Nokia S40. In the recent times event, WhatsApp Web received an update which helped incorporate some features that resemble the mobile version and make it closer to the same. It only helped in making the chats and control over the same a little easier.

Also, there will be quite a number of changes in the browsing options too. WhatsApp Web won’t be the old one anymore. First and foremost on the list of new additions is the option to make changes in the photo or display picture and status. There are also a number of tweaks that will come along with the update. The settings will now be showing an option, namely the overflow of chats which will later let you delete chats, or archive them. the group chats can now as well be archived and muted!

 So, all the iPhone users, it is now your time to experiment and experience. Same old story – accessing your WhatsApp via PC’s will now seem to be indeed better! Happy WhatsApping!