Friday, 6 November 2015

5 Best WhatsApp Hidden Tricks which will Amaze You

Best WhatsApp Hidden Tricks

WhatsApp has been the rage ever since it came into being. Even after years of its release and use, WhatsApp continues to be the most used IM service provider. However, despite the fact that the day begins with checking messages on our phones and ends the same way, there are some hidden tricks, like disabling WhatsApp blue tick that everybody doesn’t know off.

Hence, here I have got to you a list of 5 hidden tricks that WhatsApp has in store for you! Though there are not fancy and out of the box, you will be amazed to see that you didn`t know these all this while.

 5 WhatsApp hidden tricks you should know of:-

#1 Checking delivery and read status:

Okay did you know that once you long press any message on your chat screen, a symbolic ‘i’ appears on the above bar along with copy and delete options; this ‘i’ is basically to provide you the details of the time at which the message was read and delivered. This is could be yet another weapon during your fights, *winks.*

#2 Hiding your Display picture and other privacy settings:

This is quite a familiar option these days. However, not everyone knows that you don’t have to hide your last seen, status and profile picture from everyone always; you can always restrict the list of viewers to your contact list only. This way, until you have their contact numbers, they cannot view any of your private details.

#3 Custom notifications:

A new feature update with the latest version of Whatsapp. You can now customize your settings with a particular contact from within WhatsApp itself. This sounds pretty normal, but not everyone knows this and hence it might fascinate many

#4 Deleting Voice clips:

This is another new feature which I got acquainted of while writing this post itself, you can now delete the voice clips that happen to be recorded by mistake by just sliding them towards the left and see it happen. 

#5 Stop pictures from being stored in the Gallery:

You don’t always want all your private data to be stored in the gallery of your phone. To avoid that from happening, all you need to do is go to the file manager, visit the folder in the name of Whatsapp, Select media followed by WhatsApp images, and create a new file in the name of .nomedia.  Your files are now safe and sound within WhatsApp itself and not everyone can go through them!

Conclusion : - That was all on the hidden tricks and features from the most used IM app, WhatsApp! Hope you will now find some fancy with the application after having known little more from it. According to Droidadda blog, with regular updates and versions, new hacks and tricks are common. Happy WhatsApping for now!

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