Sunday, 2 June 2013

Install BusyBox on Non-Rooted Android Devices

After Covering Much tricks and tips on Windows and Facebook. Today i am back with a Marvelous trick.! Installing BusyBox on Non-Rooted Android Devices is not possible but after few searches on Google play store i found an application which allows you to install Busy box on Non-Rooted Android Devices! As my many friends found it complicated to use that apps i thought of sharing this trick with my reader :-) So Lets start with this!

If you have a rooted Android phone , then your device's generation is ahead of non-rooted Android device. But as a fact, majority of Android users are having non-rooted device. And certainly this puts a restriction on the opportunity to use BusyBox on your phone. To solve this problem , developers came up with app named as " BusyBox on Non-Rooted Android".

For those who doesnt know about busybox :-

Busybox allows you to use extra or addtional linux commandson on your device . BusyBox provides many stripped-down Unix tools in a executive file(single File). It runs in a variety of POSIX environments such as Linux (including Android), FreeBSD and others, such as kernels, although many of the tools it provides are designed to work with interfaces provided by the Linux kernel..!

Now Coming Back to main point " How To Install BusyBox on Non-Rooted Android Devices "

I Have divided  this tutorial into 2 parts Check Them :-

1.Before Starting, You Need :-
An Android device running on version 1.6 or higher.
BusyBox Non-Root app on your device (Play Store link).
2.After Installing BusyBox Non-Root app
After Installing BusyBox Non-Root app on your non-rooted device:-
Open the app .
Click on “Install BusyBox” to download and install all BusyBox binary Files.
Once it is installed, click on the BusyBox location and it will copy the path to your clipboard to make it easy for you to get to them.
Then Open your Terminal and change directory to the path You have copied.
Done !
Now Enjoy BusyBox on your Non-Rooted Android device.