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How To Get Free Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week [ Legally ]

The idea of giving your mobile recharge by viewing adds is trending these days.Even the bigger companies are getting involved in this.But they pay you very less. It is too less to overcome your mobile usage bill.

But today , i am going to share with you a trick by which you can get Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week and that too legally.Yes , i am not joking .Just within one week you can make recharge of 1000's of rupees.Well, i am talking about a website named mCent which gives us free recharge just for downloading apps and referring friends. mCent rates are pretty high and you would be surprise to know that for just referring one friend you are going to get 50 rupees talk time. .

Once you become a member of this community you can participate in any of the offers available to you. Offers can include answering surveys, referring friends, participating in contests, watching videos, promoting brands on social media, and much more.

If this website willing to pay you, then why not utilize this opportunity to pay your monthly mobile bills? Not a part of it but the whole bill. Yes , now without wasting much more time lets come back to topic How To Get Free Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week [ Legally ] .

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I have divided this tutorial in 2 effective parts.

Part 1 : Sign up On mCent

Step 1 : Well, first of all you have to sign up on this website.Click the below link to go to mCent's sign up page.

Step 2 :- You will see page like this.Enter your mobile number in "Join Now" Box's Input area.

Step 3:- After clicking on join now button.You will get a confirmation code on your mobile number,Now you are required to enter that confirmation code on the next page's input area.
It can take up to 24 hours to send your confirmation code to your mobile phone because of slow networks. If you do not get the SMS within 24 hours, try to register again.

Note: Use only that mobile number on which you want to get recharge

Step At last fill the password & email then press Finish.

After doing this all you will get an mCent account.But you won't get any recharge until you have confirmed your Email Address. Now follow part 2 of this tutorial.

Part 2 :Verify Your Email Address.

This is the most important step of this trick.Without verifying your email address you won't get any recharge.

Step 5:- Open the E-mail address(that is of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Or any other company) which you have entered while doing sign up.
In your email's inbox you will a mail sent by mCent with subject matter "Please confirm your email address"
Step 6:- Click on "Click Here To Confirm" button in email.

Your account is fully ready to start earning recharge just by downloading and referring friends.

Lets Calculate Your Earning :- 

Suppose if you refer one friend a day and download two apps every day. Then 
  • For referring one friend you will get 50 Rs
  • For downloading two apps you will get 15+15 = 30 
RupeesTotal Earnings Each day  ;-   50 +30 Rs= 80Rs 

Earning at end of each month :-        80*30 =  Rs.2400

Yes , 2400 is quite good amount which you can easily achieve in one month.
This is just minimum amount which you can achieve. :D 

Yes, the above  estimate is made in which you refer just one friends. Suppose if you refer 2 or more friends a day then your earning would be just double of the above amount.

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Features Of mCent :-

  • It offers minimum recharge of 10 Rupees and maximum of 150 Rupees. That is too good.Click on Top-up link to top right corner to get recharge.
  • It is 100% legal way and there is no risk of anything.
  • It runs contest (may be once in month )in which you can get recharge of more than ten thousand.
  • It has very friendly user interface.
  • It gives very high rate of money for downloading apps.For downloading one app you can get as high as 15 Rupees in your credit.
  • It is very secure.
  • You can add as many as mobile numbers in your account.
  • You can change your mobile operator at any time.Yes, if you have recently ported your mobile number from one company to another you can change your mobile operator in mCent as many times as you want.
  • It provides very quick recharge.However, it can take up to 24 hours to give you recharge.But in case the recharge is not successful then they will return your balance and add it in your Top Up Page.
  • mCent supports post-paid mobile phones in India only.
This is all about getting Free Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week.However, if you guys have any problem about any thing about this , comment and ask.I would be glad to reply you.

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