Monday, 23 March 2015

Make Prank Calls From Anyone's Number

Have you ever thought to make someone fool by making prank calls from anyone's number to anyone without any charge . Well, this seems hilarious but today I'm going to tell you a trick by which you could easily make prank calls to anyone.Yeah ,you could make calls from your friends phone to his/her friends and talk in a way they talk or create any amazing situation depending on your creativity.Now without wasting any more time lets come on how to use this trick.

Suppose any two persons are getting connected to each other through call and you are the host of the call and you can troll other person on other side.This is possible by using an application named

Don't worry about this apps platform because this app is available for Windows , iOS and Android too.So if you don't own any smartphone then you could e
asily make use of this application on your windows computer and make prank calls to anyone.

Using VoxOx Application on Windows and make prank calls 

  • Visit VoxOx Download Siteand download this app for the platform you want .Choose your desired platform and download app free of cost . 
  • After installing this software and after you made sign up with them with their free account , you will get 1$ free credit.
  • Just Enter your name email and phone number to get started.
  • After installing you will see a small dial pad click on it and you will get big dial pad where you have to enter your friends mobile number that you want to call.
  • On the bottom there would be small phone icon click on it's arrow and and select my caller ID .
  • Now another dialogue box will appear and in which you can change the caller id to any number that you want to use and make calls.You have to place proper country code before the number likes +91 or 0091 before any Indian number. The number you will enter here would be displayed to your friend.

  • That's all guys ,Click on OK Button 

Using VoxOx App On iOS And Android 

If you are using your smartphone to perform this trick then you  can download Android or iOS version of this app and make prank calls.Some users have reported that in android we are not able to change the caller ID but still for many it is working.

After making prank call make use of your creativity to troll your friend lol.
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