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Download Paid Apps For Free On Apple iOS

The craze for iOS And Apple Devices is increasing day by day.Apple devices Whether it is iPhone or iPad ,have become sign of royalty.People are buying these devices because of there attractive look or may be just because of Apple symbol.They do not care about it's price and are buying them anyway.Android phones are open source so people who want to make customisations in there phone purchase Android phones because of there open source availability and there are a lot of ROMS available for every android phone.So we can make changes in our phones easily.

Anyway,Apple is Apple.Apples devices have different look and are quite fast.After iPhone 6 Plus Launch,apple have satisfied those users who has complaint about small size of iPhones. According to report Apple has sold  74.5 million iPhones in the latest quarter, as the company said. It also reported record quarterly revenue of $76.4 billion and record quarterly net profit of $18 billion, or $3.06 a share.
 Apple has millions of apps on App Store.Many of them are quite amusing.People are much interested in downloading the apps Whether they are paid or free because of their utility. Today in this post i'm going to show you a method by which you can download paid App Store apps for free.For this you need not to jailbreak your phone.Yeah !! Now without wasting much more time lets putt our hands on this trick ;)

How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Apple iOS Without Jailbreak 

  • First of all, open Apple Safari browser And Navigate to

  • After Open that , a install box would pop up .install that app.
  • After installing that app a Chinese named app will appear in your phone.

  • Open that app and click on search logo in bottom .
  • Search your app and download the paid app you want for free.
  • Install ,use and enjoy the app

By using this method you can easily download the paid app store apps for free and use them without any restriction and without Jail Breaking your iOS device.This is all about the way to Download Paid Apps For Free On iOS Device.Comment If you have any problem , we would be glad to help you .Share and spread.
This article is only for educational purpose.We do not encouarge piracy,We respect the creator of apps.  

Monday, 23 March 2015

Make Prank Calls From Anyone's Number

Have you ever thought to make someone fool by making prank calls from anyone's number to anyone without any charge . Well, this seems hilarious but today I'm going to tell you a trick by which you could easily make prank calls to anyone.Yeah ,you could make calls from your friends phone to his/her friends and talk in a way they talk or create any amazing situation depending on your creativity.Now without wasting any more time lets come on how to use this trick.

Suppose any two persons are getting connected to each other through call and you are the host of the call and you can troll other person on other side.This is possible by using an application named

Don't worry about this apps platform because this app is available for Windows , iOS and Android too.So if you don't own any smartphone then you could e
asily make use of this application on your windows computer and make prank calls to anyone.

Using VoxOx Application on Windows and make prank calls 

  • Visit VoxOx Download Siteand download this app for the platform you want .Choose your desired platform and download app free of cost . 
  • After installing this software and after you made sign up with them with their free account , you will get 1$ free credit.
  • Just Enter your name email and phone number to get started.
  • After installing you will see a small dial pad click on it and you will get big dial pad where you have to enter your friends mobile number that you want to call.
  • On the bottom there would be small phone icon click on it's arrow and and select my caller ID .
  • Now another dialogue box will appear and in which you can change the caller id to any number that you want to use and make calls.You have to place proper country code before the number likes +91 or 0091 before any Indian number. The number you will enter here would be displayed to your friend.

  • That's all guys ,Click on OK Button 

Using VoxOx App On iOS And Android 

If you are using your smartphone to perform this trick then you  can download Android or iOS version of this app and make prank calls.Some users have reported that in android we are not able to change the caller ID but still for many it is working.

After making prank call make use of your creativity to troll your friend lol.
If you faced any problem while preforming this comment and ask us.Subscribe our blog for future updates !

Saturday, 1 November 2014

How To Get Free Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week [ Legally ]

The idea of giving your mobile recharge by viewing adds is trending these days.Even the bigger companies are getting involved in this.But they pay you very less. It is too less to overcome your mobile usage bill.

But today , i am going to share with you a trick by which you can get Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week and that too legally.Yes , i am not joking .Just within one week you can make recharge of 1000's of rupees.Well, i am talking about a website named mCent which gives us free recharge just for downloading apps and referring friends. mCent rates are pretty high and you would be surprise to know that for just referring one friend you are going to get 50 rupees talk time. .

Once you become a member of this community you can participate in any of the offers available to you. Offers can include answering surveys, referring friends, participating in contests, watching videos, promoting brands on social media, and much more.

If this website willing to pay you, then why not utilize this opportunity to pay your monthly mobile bills? Not a part of it but the whole bill. Yes , now without wasting much more time lets come back to topic How To Get Free Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week [ Legally ] .

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I have divided this tutorial in 2 effective parts.

Part 1 : Sign up On mCent

Step 1 : Well, first of all you have to sign up on this website.Click the below link to go to mCent's sign up page.

Step 2 :- You will see page like this.Enter your mobile number in "Join Now" Box's Input area.

Step 3:- After clicking on join now button.You will get a confirmation code on your mobile number,Now you are required to enter that confirmation code on the next page's input area.
It can take up to 24 hours to send your confirmation code to your mobile phone because of slow networks. If you do not get the SMS within 24 hours, try to register again.

Note: Use only that mobile number on which you want to get recharge

Step At last fill the password & email then press Finish.

After doing this all you will get an mCent account.But you won't get any recharge until you have confirmed your Email Address. Now follow part 2 of this tutorial.

Part 2 :Verify Your Email Address.

This is the most important step of this trick.Without verifying your email address you won't get any recharge.

Step 5:- Open the E-mail address(that is of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Or any other company) which you have entered while doing sign up.
In your email's inbox you will a mail sent by mCent with subject matter "Please confirm your email address"
Step 6:- Click on "Click Here To Confirm" button in email.

Your account is fully ready to start earning recharge just by downloading and referring friends.

Lets Calculate Your Earning :- 

Suppose if you refer one friend a day and download two apps every day. Then 
  • For referring one friend you will get 50 Rs
  • For downloading two apps you will get 15+15 = 30 
RupeesTotal Earnings Each day  ;-   50 +30 Rs= 80Rs 

Earning at end of each month :-        80*30 =  Rs.2400

Yes , 2400 is quite good amount which you can easily achieve in one month.
This is just minimum amount which you can achieve. :D 

Yes, the above  estimate is made in which you refer just one friends. Suppose if you refer 2 or more friends a day then your earning would be just double of the above amount.

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Features Of mCent :-

  • It offers minimum recharge of 10 Rupees and maximum of 150 Rupees. That is too good.Click on Top-up link to top right corner to get recharge.
  • It is 100% legal way and there is no risk of anything.
  • It runs contest (may be once in month )in which you can get recharge of more than ten thousand.
  • It has very friendly user interface.
  • It gives very high rate of money for downloading apps.For downloading one app you can get as high as 15 Rupees in your credit.
  • It is very secure.
  • You can add as many as mobile numbers in your account.
  • You can change your mobile operator at any time.Yes, if you have recently ported your mobile number from one company to another you can change your mobile operator in mCent as many times as you want.
  • It provides very quick recharge.However, it can take up to 24 hours to give you recharge.But in case the recharge is not successful then they will return your balance and add it in your Top Up Page.
  • mCent supports post-paid mobile phones in India only.
This is all about getting Free Unlimited Mobile Recharge Every Week.However, if you guys have any problem about any thing about this , comment and ask.I would be glad to reply you.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Some Basic Things About Object Oriented Programming.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)  is a programming model that replicates real world objects.Objects are the
building blocks in object  oriented programming provides high level of data integrity.Unlike procedural programming languages where a logical procedure is written to accept input data ,process and give the desired output.In OOP,the programs are modelled around objects.The objects that need manipulation are identified.A general class is built around the object and the logical sequence built to act on the object and logical sequence but to act on the object is called the method.

Now Lets discus some other things which are evolved in Object Oriented Programming.

Objects: They are defined by two terms attributes and behaviour.An object as an entity has both data as well as behaviour.A human being has attributes such as teeth colour,skin colour,eye colour,width,height,behaviour,way of speaking,ways of handling situation and other behaviours such as talking walking and so on.

Attributes : The data stored within the objects is called the attribute.For example,a student in a school has register number,gender,address,date of birth.The information stored in these attributes differentiates the various objects that is the student.

Behaviour: It is what an object can do.In oop the behaviour is defined in the methods whereas in procedural programming languages,the behaviour is described in procedures,functions,constructor or subroutines.

Examples of objects :-  Yeah! It can be anything from human beings,tractors,buses,animals,menu bars,blogger templates,widgets,plugins and buttons on computer screens.

Characteristics of objects: 4 characteristics identity classification ,inheritance and polymorphism.

Identification :  Each object is distinct though  they have similar features.For example:all girls have similar features but each person has their own distinctive characters.

Classification :  Objects of similar attributes are classified under one class. Example. Animals,humans.

Classes: Classes are used to create an object and can be considered as the template or blueprint for the objects.A class us a collection of same type of objects.An object in a class displays the properties and behaviour defined in the class.A class consists of fields and methods to depict the behaviour of the objects

Examples:- Now lets us take the example of creating a shirt.First a paper pattern is created from which shirts can be made.From this paper pattern several shirts of same size and pattern are made.The paper pattern forms the template which is the class and shirt is the object.This creating applications based on a real world models enables the developer to understand the concept of better coding and hence it makes simpler..
Another good example is a bus.It can be a bus bus,or mini bus.

Advantages of OOPS : The main advantages of object oriented programming are:

  • Modelled on real world objects
  • Enables reuse of code
  • Offers flexibility in modifying codes of exiting applications
  • Easy maintenance of code

Principles of Object Oriented Programming:- OOP is based on four main principles.They are :
Inheritance ,encapsulation ,data abstraction and polymorphism.

So,these are the basic things which are evolved in Object Oriented Programming .Soon I am going to post about the Principles of Object Oriented Programming Language.
If you have any problem about anything about Object Oriented Programming ,then kindly comment and ask,I would be glad to reply you.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Using Packet Data And WiFi At Same Time For Quicker Transfer

If You are here then you may be fed up with your internet speed on your mobile.You may find it easy to use internet on mobile by connecting to your home or business WiFi for faster access  well,, as human mentality every one wants more and more speed while using internet .If you are one of this type then you are at right place.Here today i am going to introduce you to the   app that may assist you to use your net pack and WiFi at a same time for quicker net.. Although,at least once while using internet  you might have a question that can i use packet data and WiFi at same time.Generally it is not possible because as soon as you turn on you WiFi your packet data got disconnected. and now here at i am going to introduce you to one such apps that will help you to do use packet data and WiFi at same time So now without wasting way more time lets come back on this superb however useful trick.
Before stating you need require a rooted android device of version 2.2 or higher .And for the purpose of using your WiFi and internet pack at same time you have to download one apps named "Super Download" That you have to install on you device.This app come paid [Link]  and as well as free [Link]

How To Use Packet Data And WiFi At Same Time For Quicker Transfer

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Just click on  download link and if this application recognize your it , it will start downloading that thing itself.but if this method doesn't work then click and hold the link and then from the menu that will appear click on "Share with" and then choose SuperDownload. Finally you can copy and then paste URL In "Add URL" Dialog  and you can can set to speed up your download.

Some Instructions while using this app

  • Using Both of the networks, packet data and WiFi require root access.And also remember to say “authorize” to the superuser prompt.
  • As you are using WiFi along with your packet data ,  you may incur in additional charges from your network operator for using packet data only.
  • To make the software use it's full power , this software requires good  and balanced WiFi And mobile packet data without any dis connectivity.
  • If you are having good WiFi, still you need 3G or 4G network to make software to work at it's fullest 
  • Using Both connections is not supported by some devices 
  • Some web server may not provide to much downloading speed as will your packet data and wifif will give simultaneously.
  • Currently only http and https protocols are supported (no ftp or torrent yet)
  • The Lite version or free one  has a file-size limit of 50 megabytes.
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So guys that was all, if you have any questions regarding to this application you can ask me by commenting. below :)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

All Basic Things You Need To Know About Do-Follow And No-Follow Links

When we write articles we often get information from other blogs and if we are highly impressed by that content we prefer to publish that article on our blog and we give backlink to that site saying that the material is copyrighted written to whatsoever website is and this is important too, to develop friendly relations with other bloggers. Backlink to specific webpage are the external links which are pointing to that specific web page. Well, backlinks are one of the important factors which search engines check for your ranking in their results page. But getting a lot backlinks are not important because all the backlinks have not same importance.

However,whenever we talk of the term search engine optimatzion we often hear some common words like , doindex, nofollow, dofollow,noindex and so on.All these words play equal importance when the question arises of SEO.So now in this post I will be discussing the most common words we hear now a days which are nofollow and dofollow links.
Firstly, I will discuss of Dofollow links followed by nofollow links.

What are  Do-Follow Backlinks?

When the Google bots crawl our website they look for the links in our website which point to other websites and then the dofollow links are those links which allow all search engines to follow them and reach the next linked website.This gives the next linked website a link juice and a backlink.

Example of Do-follow Link:

 <a href=””>MyTricksCorner</a>

While assigning links if you do not use any attribute like in the above example, then the link is automatically considered as do follow link. Well, you can allow make do follow link by using attribute dofollow and external as in the examples below:-

<a href= rel=”dofollow”>MyTricksCorner</a>

<a href= rel=”external”> MyTricksCorner</a>
These links play more important in SEO as these allow search engines to follow or track them and allows the link juice to pass or transferred.

What are No-Follow Backlinks ?

Well.No Follow backlinks are fully opposite of that of do follow links.That Means that they do not allow the crawlers to follow the  link and are simply ignored by search engines.Thus, no link juice is passed.This means that if any website owner is linking to your blog by using no follow  attribute then no link juice is passed to your website.As stated above search engines will ignore the links and only your visitors can follow the llink s and reach your website by no folllow links.

<a href= rel=”nofollow”> MyTricksCorner </a>

Now the next question arises that where we should use do follow and where we should use no follow links.

Where to use DoFollow And NoFollow Links ?

DoFollow Links:- We can use dofollow links while referring to the sites having related content as our site has.We can also use do follow links to high quality websites like Wikipedia ,Google and yahoo. We can also use dofollow links to link to the source from where we have gathered information(in case).

Nofollow links:- We can use no follow links while comment as we do not have any control on it like any spam website might write a comment on your blog which  may effect your website's ranking.Like do follow links can be used to link to related content oppositely these can be used to link to non-related content. NoFollow links are good if we want to link to the gambling and other casino sites.In affiliate links also nofollow links are used as we are link their website just for basic commission for for passing link juice.

How Some Of The Popular search Engines Treat No Follow Links ?

When We talk of Google , it simply does not follow nofollow link while on the other hand Yahoo follow the nofolllow link just for finding new content but still link juice is not passed.

How To Find Out The Link Is DoFollow or NoFollow ?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser or Google's Chrome Browser then you can check the link by just simply selecting the link and clicking on "Inspect element" option from the right click menu.Then a small window will open on the bottom of your webpage, you can clearly  see there  where the link is pointing and which attribute is used along with it.If nofollow attribute is used then the given link is nofollow backlink while if there is no attribute used or attribute used is dofollow and external then the link is DoFollow Link.
However while using other browsers , you have press Ctrl +U from your keyboard to get the source code of the website and then find the required link in the webpage's source( by pressing Ctrl+F) and then again by checking the attribute of the link you can simply find out the given link is DoFollow Or noFollow Link.

Top 5 Apps Which You Should Install On Your Android Device

Usage of Android phones is increasing day by day. Now-a-days everyone is buying Android phones rather than windows, Java or Symbian phones. The main reason for which people are crazy about Android phones is that they have millions of free apps which helps us to modify our phones to great extend. And this is also the reason for the decrease in sale of windows or iOS phones. As stated earlier, these millions of apps make people confuse that which application they should install on their phone for specific purposes. However, if you search player simply in the play store, then there will appear a list of thousands of players out of which most of them would not be working and out of working apps there are many apps which are full of ads which put you into trouble.So today I have decided to post top 5 apps which you should install in your android phones for better performance.

I will provide drop down list of these 5 apps and play store link is added at the end of every app detail.

5. WhatsApp

Well, it is not possible that you have not heard of WhatsApp.I am including this in the list because this application is nowadays being used by almost everyone.So you must install this application in order to be get connected with your friends.We need only phone number to sign up on WhatsApp and there is no need to remember your password or be afraid of losing your account in case you forget your password because this application need no password ,just your phone number and your phone that's all .WhatApp not only includes feature of instant audio and text messaging but also includes feature of sharing image,video and music files.And these features make this application best to get connected with your friends and relatives.So get started by downloading this application from play store.

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4. Viber

Just like WhatsApp this is another messaging and calling application that does not require fast internet.You can make free calls with your friends and can save your balance.So i have placed this application in this list.It also has many privacy option like you can control whether to share or not share your Online Status or See Status.In Viber application you  can also connect your Viber account with your witter or Facebook account. Viber also supports audio messaging and feature of sharing images and videos like WhatsApp. It.It has variety of sticker you can download from Viber sticker market.These all features make this application good to be downloaded and used.So what are you waiting for download this application from the play store and get started using it.

3. Norton Security & Antivirus

These days internet scam is at high rate. and there is always some risk while surfing internet on your android phone.So you need an antivirus software which can protect your phone from virus.Well, according to me "Norton Security & Antivirus" is the best antivirus application for your android.This antivirus is trusted by millions of users worldwide.It scans your phone for privacy and other risks.It cleverly scans your device and find and remove malware and antivirus from your phone.Any new application which is downloaded in your phone is firstly scanned by this antivirus and then you are allowed to use it.If it will find any risk in that application it will send your notification asking for your action.It also protects your phone while surfing online
You can download this Antivirus from the below PlayStore link However, it provides free  premium security to your device for 30 days and after that you can continue to enjoy free features and keep your device safe and secure.

2. MX Player

On our phones we often watch movies.But we are unable to play so because most of the times the file format of the movie file is not supported by our android phone.Well, this problem is faced by many of the users.But there is one player by which c we can play almost all formats on our phones.It's MX player.Yes, it is the best player (according to me).MX player can be installed on almost all android phones.You all may be thinking that why i haven't added VLC player in this player and instead i have added this MX player in this list.Number of reason makes me to add MX Player in this list.Firstly,VLC is not available to download for gingerbread android phones and secondly MX player is very stable and is very easy to use.We can adjust screen brightness, speed and sound by just one touch.It's best point is that it does not fill our phone with adds.Well, you download this amazing payer from the below PlayStore link and enjoy watching moves and songs which you were not able to watch earlier.

1. Astro File Manager

The Astro File Manager is the best file manager which you can download from PlayStore. It helps us organize, view and retrieve all of our pictures, music, video, and document files. It has a built-in application backup system and task controller by which you can kill tasks. You can manage all your files irrespective of where they are stored in your phone, cloud or in another device such as phone, tablet, or in the drop box, Google drive, Skydrive or, in your PC, Mac or Linux. Well , download this amazing file manager with plenty of features from the below given PlayStore link.

Astro File Manager (PlayStore Link)

So these are top 5 applications which you must install in your android phones.These apps are filled with plenty of wonderful features that you gonna enjoy. However if you have any better application that should be placed in the list above,you must comment and say i will feel glad to add that in the list.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

How To Easily Record And Post Audio Comments On Facebook Statues

Facebook has introduced many new features during 2013 which includes embedding Facebook posts,timeline user interface updates and also audio messaging by using Facebook app or messenger on Android or iOS but yet there is no such option on Facebook by which we can easily post audio comment on updates made by our friends and pages.However today,while checking chrome store i have found a app by which we can record our voice and post audio comments on Facebook updates.But the bad part of this extension is that ,only those who have installed this extension in their browser would be able to play these audio messages directly by embed player in their browser .But that's not a big problem , in case the person has not installed this extension then he can listen the audio message by just clicking on the link.

So you need to worry ,whether  your friends have or not have installed this extension ,they would be able to listen the audios message easily.I found this extension for chrome users.Well if you are Firefox or some other browsers user then you can find alternatives of this extension but if you ask me then i should say that you must switch to chrome as it browses very fast and hangs very rarely.Well this is just my personal suggestion :P ,you may have your own experience.The extension to which i am going to introduce your is named as "Talk and Comment" extension..Initially released on 4 May 2014 this extension has 24 thousand users in it's first month. This app is free of cost ,stable ,add free and is being liked by the users.

Well, isn't this extension wonderful? , so now without wasting much more time lets come on to the point of how to use this extension.

How To Easily Post Audio Comment On Facebook Statues 

  • First of all you need to install Talk and Comment extension in your chrome browser.
Install Talk and Comment Extension

  • So after installing extension a new tab will open asking for permission to use your microphone.In case a new tab does not open ,click on the small MIC icon you see near the address bar of your browser's window, followed by options on the bottom of that small window.

  • That Browser window will ask you for permission of using your microphone.Simply give access to extension by clicking on Allow button.

After giving access to your microphone simply visit any Facebook status update on which you would like to post audio comment.There you would see small MIC icon,Simply press that to record your voice ,as you would have done on messenger or on Whatsapp to record your voice.After you have recorded your voice release that icon to upload audio note.Then once the uploading is comment you will get a link to the uploaded audio note.Now just press enter to post your comment and your comment will get transformed into a player .You can click on the play button to listen your recorded audio.

So this was all about this Talk and Comment Extension which allows us to post audio comments. So.So guys enjoy posting audio comments on your friends updates and be the first one to post audio comments rather than those old written comments :P .But if you want your all friends to have player ,do share this extension with them and ask them to install this extension to directly play the audio comments.

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Well guys, if you face any problem in installing and using this extension do comment and i would be glad to help and solve your issues :) 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Releasing MyTricksCorner V2 Responsive Template !

This template was used by us before few months ago.After getting requests from several users i have decided to distribute this template.This template is named as MTC V2 as it was second template used by us.This template can be used for any kind of blog i.e. . Technology, multimedia, entertainment  etc.
This template comes with all those basic features which are considered as the basic needs of all the new developers and bloggers.

Key Features 

  • Stylish welcome header on home page and Stylish post description header on Post's pages.
  • Automatic Read More with thumbnails
  • Stylish header with menu.
  • One primary and one secondary menu
  • Stylish subscription box with description on Home page.
  • Attractive four  column black footer
  • Social buttons right above footer
  • Customized Labels 
  • Customized Popular post .
  • Fixed socialize it buttons above post
  • Stylish block-quote with amazing hover effect.
  • Cool sharing buttons with hover effect.
  • Related posts added.
  • Highlighted author's comment MOD. tag.and much more.

Screen Shots :- 

Post's Page With Custom Message
Home Page With Welcome Message And Subscription Box
Four Column Footer With Social Buttons 

Author's Comment ,Related Posts And Socialize It buttons 
Customized Headings And Block-quote With Hover Effect 

Social Sharing Buttons With Cool Hover Effect 

Note:- If you need any help in customizing this template,kindly comment and ask . I would be glad to help you.