Thursday, 19 June 2014

Top 5 Apps Which You Should Install On Your Android Device

Usage of Android phones is increasing day by day. Now-a-days everyone is buying Android phones rather than windows, Java or Symbian phones. The main reason for which people are crazy about Android phones is that they have millions of free apps which helps us to modify our phones to great extend. And this is also the reason for the decrease in sale of windows or iOS phones. As stated earlier, these millions of apps make people confuse that which application they should install on their phone for specific purposes. However, if you search player simply in the play store, then there will appear a list of thousands of players out of which most of them would not be working and out of working apps there are many apps which are full of ads which put you into trouble.So today I have decided to post top 5 apps which you should install in your android phones for better performance.

I will provide drop down list of these 5 apps and play store link is added at the end of every app detail.

5. WhatsApp

Well, it is not possible that you have not heard of WhatsApp.I am including this in the list because this application is nowadays being used by almost everyone.So you must install this application in order to be get connected with your friends.We need only phone number to sign up on WhatsApp and there is no need to remember your password or be afraid of losing your account in case you forget your password because this application need no password ,just your phone number and your phone that's all .WhatApp not only includes feature of instant audio and text messaging but also includes feature of sharing image,video and music files.And these features make this application best to get connected with your friends and relatives.So get started by downloading this application from play store.

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4. Viber

Just like WhatsApp this is another messaging and calling application that does not require fast internet.You can make free calls with your friends and can save your balance.So i have placed this application in this list.It also has many privacy option like you can control whether to share or not share your Online Status or See Status.In Viber application you  can also connect your Viber account with your witter or Facebook account. Viber also supports audio messaging and feature of sharing images and videos like WhatsApp. It.It has variety of sticker you can download from Viber sticker market.These all features make this application good to be downloaded and used.So what are you waiting for download this application from the play store and get started using it.

3. Norton Security & Antivirus

These days internet scam is at high rate. and there is always some risk while surfing internet on your android phone.So you need an antivirus software which can protect your phone from virus.Well, according to me "Norton Security & Antivirus" is the best antivirus application for your android.This antivirus is trusted by millions of users worldwide.It scans your phone for privacy and other risks.It cleverly scans your device and find and remove malware and antivirus from your phone.Any new application which is downloaded in your phone is firstly scanned by this antivirus and then you are allowed to use it.If it will find any risk in that application it will send your notification asking for your action.It also protects your phone while surfing online
You can download this Antivirus from the below PlayStore link However, it provides free  premium security to your device for 30 days and after that you can continue to enjoy free features and keep your device safe and secure.

2. MX Player

On our phones we often watch movies.But we are unable to play so because most of the times the file format of the movie file is not supported by our android phone.Well, this problem is faced by many of the users.But there is one player by which c we can play almost all formats on our phones.It's MX player.Yes, it is the best player (according to me).MX player can be installed on almost all android phones.You all may be thinking that why i haven't added VLC player in this player and instead i have added this MX player in this list.Number of reason makes me to add MX Player in this list.Firstly,VLC is not available to download for gingerbread android phones and secondly MX player is very stable and is very easy to use.We can adjust screen brightness, speed and sound by just one touch.It's best point is that it does not fill our phone with adds.Well, you download this amazing payer from the below PlayStore link and enjoy watching moves and songs which you were not able to watch earlier.

1. Astro File Manager

The Astro File Manager is the best file manager which you can download from PlayStore. It helps us organize, view and retrieve all of our pictures, music, video, and document files. It has a built-in application backup system and task controller by which you can kill tasks. You can manage all your files irrespective of where they are stored in your phone, cloud or in another device such as phone, tablet, or in the drop box, Google drive, Skydrive or, in your PC, Mac or Linux. Well , download this amazing file manager with plenty of features from the below given PlayStore link.

Astro File Manager (PlayStore Link)

So these are top 5 applications which you must install in your android phones.These apps are filled with plenty of wonderful features that you gonna enjoy. However if you have any better application that should be placed in the list above,you must comment and say i will feel glad to add that in the list.