Sunday, 15 June 2014

How To Easily Record And Post Audio Comments On Facebook Statues

Facebook has introduced many new features during 2013 which includes embedding Facebook posts,timeline user interface updates and also audio messaging by using Facebook app or messenger on Android or iOS but yet there is no such option on Facebook by which we can easily post audio comment on updates made by our friends and pages.However today,while checking chrome store i have found a app by which we can record our voice and post audio comments on Facebook updates.But the bad part of this extension is that ,only those who have installed this extension in their browser would be able to play these audio messages directly by embed player in their browser .But that's not a big problem , in case the person has not installed this extension then he can listen the audio message by just clicking on the link.

So you need to worry ,whether  your friends have or not have installed this extension ,they would be able to listen the audios message easily.I found this extension for chrome users.Well if you are Firefox or some other browsers user then you can find alternatives of this extension but if you ask me then i should say that you must switch to chrome as it browses very fast and hangs very rarely.Well this is just my personal suggestion :P ,you may have your own experience.The extension to which i am going to introduce your is named as "Talk and Comment" extension..Initially released on 4 May 2014 this extension has 24 thousand users in it's first month. This app is free of cost ,stable ,add free and is being liked by the users.

Well, isn't this extension wonderful? , so now without wasting much more time lets come on to the point of how to use this extension.

How To Easily Post Audio Comment On Facebook Statues 

  • First of all you need to install Talk and Comment extension in your chrome browser.
Install Talk and Comment Extension

  • So after installing extension a new tab will open asking for permission to use your microphone.In case a new tab does not open ,click on the small MIC icon you see near the address bar of your browser's window, followed by options on the bottom of that small window.

  • That Browser window will ask you for permission of using your microphone.Simply give access to extension by clicking on Allow button.

After giving access to your microphone simply visit any Facebook status update on which you would like to post audio comment.There you would see small MIC icon,Simply press that to record your voice ,as you would have done on messenger or on Whatsapp to record your voice.After you have recorded your voice release that icon to upload audio note.Then once the uploading is comment you will get a link to the uploaded audio note.Now just press enter to post your comment and your comment will get transformed into a player .You can click on the play button to listen your recorded audio.

So this was all about this Talk and Comment Extension which allows us to post audio comments. So.So guys enjoy posting audio comments on your friends updates and be the first one to post audio comments rather than those old written comments :P .But if you want your all friends to have player ,do share this extension with them and ask them to install this extension to directly play the audio comments.

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Well guys, if you face any problem in installing and using this extension do comment and i would be glad to help and solve your issues :)