Monday, 3 March 2014

Releasing MyTricksCorner V2 Responsive Template !

This template was used by us before few months ago.After getting requests from several users i have decided to distribute this template.This template is named as MTC V2 as it was second template used by us.This template can be used for any kind of blog i.e. . Technology, multimedia, entertainment  etc.
This template comes with all those basic features which are considered as the basic needs of all the new developers and bloggers.

Key Features 

  • Stylish welcome header on home page and Stylish post description header on Post's pages.
  • Automatic Read More with thumbnails
  • Stylish header with menu.
  • One primary and one secondary menu
  • Stylish subscription box with description on Home page.
  • Attractive four  column black footer
  • Social buttons right above footer
  • Customized Labels 
  • Customized Popular post .
  • Fixed socialize it buttons above post
  • Stylish block-quote with amazing hover effect.
  • Cool sharing buttons with hover effect.
  • Related posts added.
  • Highlighted author's comment MOD. tag.and much more.

Screen Shots :- 

Post's Page With Custom Message
Home Page With Welcome Message And Subscription Box
Four Column Footer With Social Buttons 

Author's Comment ,Related Posts And Socialize It buttons 
Customized Headings And Block-quote With Hover Effect 

Social Sharing Buttons With Cool Hover Effect 

Note:- If you need any help in customizing this template,kindly comment and ask . I would be glad to help you.