Friday, 28 February 2014

Schedule Google Plus Posts For Effective Results

Post scheduling feature helps the user to get enraged with their fans/followers at right time.Many social networking sits like Facebook,Pinterest have build in scheduling feature which helps the admins to get connected with their users at right time even if they are indulged in other work at that time.Hence,it helps to entertain users at every hour.Many social networking sites have build in scheduling feature in their system but still Google plus is still not having this feature.Yes,as Google plus was made for marketing , it does not have any scheduling feature in their system.

Although , after few searches we have found a way for scheduling posts on Google plus..Kindly note that you are going to use third party apps for scheduling posts on Google plus as Google plus has no scheduling built in feature.Now , without wasting much time , lets put our hands on these third party apps


You may have heard this name as this is widely used to auto schedule poss on major social networks likes Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn and much more.Well, it has recently added support for  Google+  pages.Buffer will work well for the people who want to schedule posts on their Google plus pages.Scheduling posts by using Buffer is much easier.Just sign up in Buffer and then hit "connect button" .From their select select Google  Plus  page.After you hit connect,click on accept to accept all the terms of Google plus and start managing your Google plus page through  Buffer.Buffer work through their browser extension and app integration.

Do Share Chrome App

Yet , if you want to schedule your posts instantly , then i would recommend you to use a Chrome Extension named , Do Share.Just download and add this app in your chrome browser.Click on the app icon on your toolbar and get started with it.
Well, if you are already logged in your Google account , then you will see a essay and cool interfere to
schedule your posts.You can select circles ,create drafts ,and schedule your posts.It's simple , isn't it ;)

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Scheduling posts on social networks posts may prove best to interact along with your fans.Suppose if you utilize your one hour in scheduling posts for all day.So by scheduling you'll build postings on your page of whole day  ,even if your are busy in another matters.Also scheduling will cause you to engage with a lot of users , as users from different countries get active at different hours.So by posting material according to their taste at that time will facilitate your page to grow larger ,popular and active.
So why and what are you thinking ? Simply begin using these apps and grow larger.  ;)

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