Thursday, 19 June 2014

All Basic Things You Need To Know About Do-Follow And No-Follow Links

When we write articles we often get information from other blogs and if we are highly impressed by that content we prefer to publish that article on our blog and we give backlink to that site saying that the material is copyrighted written to whatsoever website is and this is important too, to develop friendly relations with other bloggers. Backlink to specific webpage are the external links which are pointing to that specific web page. Well, backlinks are one of the important factors which search engines check for your ranking in their results page. But getting a lot backlinks are not important because all the backlinks have not same importance.

However,whenever we talk of the term search engine optimatzion we often hear some common words like , doindex, nofollow, dofollow,noindex and so on.All these words play equal importance when the question arises of SEO.So now in this post I will be discussing the most common words we hear now a days which are nofollow and dofollow links.
Firstly, I will discuss of Dofollow links followed by nofollow links.

What are  Do-Follow Backlinks?

When the Google bots crawl our website they look for the links in our website which point to other websites and then the dofollow links are those links which allow all search engines to follow them and reach the next linked website.This gives the next linked website a link juice and a backlink.

Example of Do-follow Link:

 <a href=””>MyTricksCorner</a>

While assigning links if you do not use any attribute like in the above example, then the link is automatically considered as do follow link. Well, you can allow make do follow link by using attribute dofollow and external as in the examples below:-

<a href= rel=”dofollow”>MyTricksCorner</a>

<a href= rel=”external”> MyTricksCorner</a>
These links play more important in SEO as these allow search engines to follow or track them and allows the link juice to pass or transferred.

What are No-Follow Backlinks ?

Well.No Follow backlinks are fully opposite of that of do follow links.That Means that they do not allow the crawlers to follow the  link and are simply ignored by search engines.Thus, no link juice is passed.This means that if any website owner is linking to your blog by using no follow  attribute then no link juice is passed to your website.As stated above search engines will ignore the links and only your visitors can follow the llink s and reach your website by no folllow links.

<a href= rel=”nofollow”> MyTricksCorner </a>

Now the next question arises that where we should use do follow and where we should use no follow links.

Where to use DoFollow And NoFollow Links ?

DoFollow Links:- We can use dofollow links while referring to the sites having related content as our site has.We can also use do follow links to high quality websites like Wikipedia ,Google and yahoo. We can also use dofollow links to link to the source from where we have gathered information(in case).

Nofollow links:- We can use no follow links while comment as we do not have any control on it like any spam website might write a comment on your blog which  may effect your website's ranking.Like do follow links can be used to link to related content oppositely these can be used to link to non-related content. NoFollow links are good if we want to link to the gambling and other casino sites.In affiliate links also nofollow links are used as we are link their website just for basic commission for for passing link juice.

How Some Of The Popular search Engines Treat No Follow Links ?

When We talk of Google , it simply does not follow nofollow link while on the other hand Yahoo follow the nofolllow link just for finding new content but still link juice is not passed.

How To Find Out The Link Is DoFollow or NoFollow ?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser or Google's Chrome Browser then you can check the link by just simply selecting the link and clicking on "Inspect element" option from the right click menu.Then a small window will open on the bottom of your webpage, you can clearly  see there  where the link is pointing and which attribute is used along with it.If nofollow attribute is used then the given link is nofollow backlink while if there is no attribute used or attribute used is dofollow and external then the link is DoFollow Link.
However while using other browsers , you have press Ctrl +U from your keyboard to get the source code of the website and then find the required link in the webpage's source( by pressing Ctrl+F) and then again by checking the attribute of the link you can simply find out the given link is DoFollow Or noFollow Link.