Friday, 20 June 2014

Using Packet Data And WiFi At Same Time For Quicker Transfer

If You are here then you may be fed up with your internet speed on your mobile.You may find it easy to use internet on mobile by connecting to your home or business WiFi for faster access  well,, as human mentality every one wants more and more speed while using internet .If you are one of this type then you are at right place.Here today i am going to introduce you to the   app that may assist you to use your net pack and WiFi at a same time for quicker net.. Although,at least once while using internet  you might have a question that can i use packet data and WiFi at same time.Generally it is not possible because as soon as you turn on you WiFi your packet data got disconnected. and now here at i am going to introduce you to one such apps that will help you to do use packet data and WiFi at same time So now without wasting way more time lets come back on this superb however useful trick.
Before stating you need require a rooted android device of version 2.2 or higher .And for the purpose of using your WiFi and internet pack at same time you have to download one apps named "Super Download" That you have to install on you device.This app come paid [Link]  and as well as free [Link]

How To Use Packet Data And WiFi At Same Time For Quicker Transfer

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Just click on  download link and if this application recognize your it , it will start downloading that thing itself.but if this method doesn't work then click and hold the link and then from the menu that will appear click on "Share with" and then choose SuperDownload. Finally you can copy and then paste URL In "Add URL" Dialog  and you can can set to speed up your download.

Some Instructions while using this app

  • Using Both of the networks, packet data and WiFi require root access.And also remember to say “authorize” to the superuser prompt.
  • As you are using WiFi along with your packet data ,  you may incur in additional charges from your network operator for using packet data only.
  • To make the software use it's full power , this software requires good  and balanced WiFi And mobile packet data without any dis connectivity.
  • If you are having good WiFi, still you need 3G or 4G network to make software to work at it's fullest 
  • Using Both connections is not supported by some devices 
  • Some web server may not provide to much downloading speed as will your packet data and wifif will give simultaneously.
  • Currently only http and https protocols are supported (no ftp or torrent yet)
  • The Lite version or free one  has a file-size limit of 50 megabytes.
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So guys that was all, if you have any questions regarding to this application you can ask me by commenting. below :)