Saturday, 20 July 2013

[How To] Take Backup Of All Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Bookmarks plays an important role in remembering important links on internet.But if we will talk about developers or bloggers , then bookmarks are very very important to them.So they are very much cared by them.Sometimes our browser is not working and we need to re install it , then all the bookmarks and others things might get removed or the condition may be like this That virus has infected your computer and you are going to re install your OS , Specially in Google chrome when any virus enters in your computer Google chrome stops working,Well you all may know that Google chrome is the fastest browser and there are many people who just like to use Google chrome .Now coming to main point , when such condition arrives that You have to re install your browser or re install your OS then all the bookmarks in your browser may get removed and as i have mentioned above that bookmarks are very important for many persons so today i am going to present all my gentle readers a tutorial by which you can take backup of all your bookmarks in Google chrome so easily.

In this tutorial you will take backup into HTML File and you can again export your bookmarks from this back up file. I Am soon going to post that tutorial Also :) so now without wasting much more time lets come on this tutorial.

How To Take Backup Of All Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Step 1 :- Open Google Chrome And Head Over To Bookmarks from right top options menu.
Step 2 :-  Then Click On Bookmark Manger option .
Step 3 :- After Clicking, a new tab will open .In that new that click on organize>Export Bookmarks To HTML File...
Step 4 :- Save that HTML File 
Done ! :) You Have Successfully taken back up of your bookmarks