Sunday, 6 October 2013

Advanced Game Of Getting Likes On Facebook

As the title says "game", getting likes on Facebook is developing as trend that every person is busy in promoting their own  business or entertainment pages.Well, it is quite seemed that users like only those pages which provides suitable material to them.But still many admins are still busy in getting likes on their pages.Many people buy likes which seems quite helpful and impressive but people are not known about dangerous results of this.If we just want to make our page big ,slowly . then it is better to follow quite simple and impressive methods which people think that they would be not impressive but still they are very effective !.Today the main aim of writing this article is to educate you about the free and Most effective method of getting likes on your page.The way i am going to  introduce is very effective but it requires a lot of time, Some people call this method T4T(Tag For Tag ) , Some other call it S4S(Share For Share )  and very few call it as Tag Exchange.
This topic belong to our previous series of getting more likes on Facebook.
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As either of those names suggest that in this method we will exchange tag with some other admin of other page of suitable likes as we are having.This way acts like a advertisement in which first you have to find the person for exchanging likes and then you have to exchange your tags with them.For this way  the first thing that you require is page with much likes that it can be exchanged for tag with other user.Then Comes To Find  a place where you can find the people for doing T4Twith you.Mostly T4T is done in a Facebook groups which are specially made for exchanging purpose only.just search groups named T4T And you will find your place for exchange. Basically these groups have their own rules which you have to follow in order to be in the group.The next comes to find people for exchanging. For this you have to post in that group for exchanging

The Tag of your page is added to others page for a certain limit and  with some type of status relating to your page.Like If your page is of hacking you will post in T4T group a status relating to hacking and with a code of page that will make a link a to your page and with other conditions The code is basically stooped from linking ,in groups , by adding + sign.If you have custom URL applied to your page then you can find your page by using a simple tool that has been already posted by us[Link].You can also add tag of your page with other name that trick is also posted by us [Link].You may find this exchange of tags difficult when you will start but with time you will like this.Before starting you have to see who others are using this and making profit.And same by following the foot steps of them you have to try this on your page.The basic terms used in this exchange are :-
Tagline = The Tag Code Of Your Page Which You Will Exchange With Status Relating With Your Page.
Tag-limit = For How Much Time The Other Admin Of Must Place Your Tag On His Page.

These group on which you will exchange your tags have certain rules.Like you page should have this much amount and this much talking about before stating and some other privacy rules that have to follow in order to be in the group.This is very effective and helps a lot .This exchange can help you to get thousands of likes in one day but only if you will concentrate on this exchange. As this way gives you lot of likes but this way has also bad effects.Some people say that by T4T Facebook unpublish their pages ,some other say that this way makes pages not active.But whatever others say , that main aim of every admin of getting likes is fulfilled and he is happy.

Well, this was about t4t but i know i am not able to explain it much because i haven't tried this method but many of my friends are using this and i am very impressed by them.But it reburies lot
of time so that's why i never tried this :p . I Have tried to explain this topic as i cold but still if you got any problem problem while reading feel free to ask in comments and i will surely reply you and clear you doubts :)
Wish you HAPPY LIKES :) :P .